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Rewiew of 2020

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Rewiew of 2020
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The first weekend of 2021 is the best time to summarize the professional successes of 2020 related to sharing information. It was an interesting year related to sharing information and speaking at conferences/meetups.

Almost all conferences were in online mode. It was a new experience for many speakers because you had to give whole presentations to your webcam, and it's an entirely different feeling than speaking at offline events.

In 2020, I wrote not as many articles as I wanted, so I hope this year I'll put more words into articles.


  • UI Testing Academy
    The is a project when I post many helpful articles and code snippets about UI testing for different platforms. Right now, the project in an initial state, and more content will be added in 2021.


I recommend skipping articles about Jetpack Compose because they are deprecated. Updated all articles about Jetpack Compose is my first task for 2021.

  • Espresso Test Recorder in 2020
    The "Espresso Test Recorder" was presented at Google I/O 16 together with Android Studio 2.2. It allows us to record UI test cases with few clicks. This article describes the state of "Espresso Test Recorder in 2020".

  • Jetpack Compose: Overview
    Jetpack Compose is a modern toolkit for building native UI for Android applications. It was announced at Google I/O 2019. It is a new approach based on DSL and allows developers to create UI. This article explains the basics of Jetpack Compose.

  • First test case with Kakao framework
    The Kakao is a framework on top of Espresso. This article shows the main benefits of the Kakao framework.

  • Testing Android Fragment in isolation
    A fragment is a citizen of many Android applications. When fragment class was introduced as part of the Android SDK. In this article, you can find information about testing Fragments in isolation with UI tests.

  • Jetpack Compose: State
    Composable functions can react to changing states, and as a result, such functions can be re-invoked. This mechanism is a core concept of the Jetpack Compose approach for building UI.

  • Jetpack Compose: Theme and Typography
    Many Android applications have a complex User Interface because designers invest a lot of effort into adding more features to the apps while still having a simple User Interface. This article explains approaches for adding custom fonts and themes to the application which use Jetpack Compose.

  • Layout Inspector in 2020
    The "Layout Inspector" allows us to analyze the UI of the application installed on a device or emulator. Together with Android Studio 4.0, this tool got many improvements.

  • Guide: Ranges in Kotlin
    This article explores Ranges in Kotlin and how they can simplify development.

  • Local and Instrumentation tests in Android
    This article explains the difference between local and instrumentation tests in testing Android applications.

  • LiveData under the hood
    LiveData is one of the most popular components of the Android Jetpack family. This article contains information about the internal works of the LiveData component.


I recommend skipping presentations about Jetpack Compose because they are deprecated.

  • Let's build an Android UI with Jetpack Compose (0.1.0-dev08)
    Slide Video
  • Let's build an Android UI with Jetpack Compose (0.1.0-dev10)
    Slide Video
  • All about Jetpack Compose (0.1.0-dev11)
    Slide Video
  • Android Components under the hood
    A shorter version of "Android Components under the hood" talk.
  • Efficient Android UI Testing
  • Fast and stable UI tests in Android
    Slide Video
  • Android Components under the hood
    A more extended version of "Android Components under the hood" talk.
    Slide Video
  • How to create fast and stable UI tests
  • Writing Robust Android UI Tests?

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